Should You Work At A Singapore Delivery Company

As the ‘gig’ or ‘non-office job’ economy gets popular and is increasing in size, many people prefer working outside of a corporate office as it can get really boring, or the pay can be very restricted by your boss, regardless of the quality of your performance.

For such people, looking to jobs such as courier deliveries, food deliveries e.t.c. can be an interesting option. Let us discuss about delivery companies today and whether you should work at one of them.

First of all, there are two main types of small item delivery companies in Singapore – food delivery as well as document/office related courier deliveries.

Food delivery companies in Singapore include companies such as Foodpanda, Deliveroo e.t.c. When you work at such a company, you would be picking up food at mostly shopping centres and compiling them (the orders) and then bringing it to the customer at their office or their home. Most often, food deliveries are on an urgent basis, as the customers would want their food to be hot, and hence you need to rush around.

I personally feel that if you wish to work at a food delivery firm in Singapore, then I think you should check out foodpanda Singapore:
#06-17/18, 60 Tg Katong Rd Paya Lebar Square, Singapore 409051
6589 8669

The other type of delivery firm in Singapore is the document/parcel courier services companies. These are firms which specialize in delivering non-food and perishable items (namely documents and office items) on behalf of other businesses. These documents usually need to be delivered anytime during the working day before 6pm, while only some documents such as banking documents may have a tighter delivery schedule as banks close around 3pm to 4pm in Singapore, and you need to get the documents there safely before that timing.

If you prefer a job at a document/parcel courier company in Singapore, then definitely check out PCA Masters:
#06-76 Midview City, 22 Sin Ming Dr, Singapore 573969
6681 5781

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Singapore E-commerce Deliveries And Logistics Solutions

In all my previous posts, I have been talking about regular corporate deliveries by courier companies. However, something which is becoming rather prevalent in people’s buying behaviors in Singapore – more people purchase things online now. This means that delivery capacity in this area needs to grow to cater to the growing demands. In recent years, low priced, island wide E-commerce deliveries have been popping up and more of such concierge courier services are being offered to E-commerce specific companies in Singapore.

First of all, let us take a look at what E-commerce deliveries entail and then we shall look at the various E-commerce delivery logistics solutions that courier companies in Singapore are offering.

E-commerce companies in Singapore would generally collate the orders either for the week (if their overall volume is low) or for the day (if their volume is high) and send it out either daily or weekly. These E-commerce orders would then be sent out from their office, home-office or warehouse.

As you can possibly tell, for E-commerce companies, their deliveries are generally performed through a one time pick up followed by a mass distribution service. It is quite different from corporate regular courier deliveries in Singapore where the pick up and delivery is one time and usually only for one or perhaps a maximum of 2 items. It is a mass distribution courier service when it comes to E-commerce deliveries. Because it’s a one time pick up and mass distribution, the costs for each delivery is generally slightly lower than that of ad hoc deliveries which corporations usually use.

Not many Singapore courier companies are able to handle such high volumes, and only the top like PCA Masters and Ninja Van and Anchanto are able to receive and distribute such massive orders on a near daily basis. If you’re an E-commerce operations or distribution manager or business owner, working with one of these companies like PCA Masters would definitely be good for your business, because their scale of operations is quite large, and thus even if your sales grow tremendously, they’ll be easily able to take care of your business’s deliveries without any hassles.

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Ordering courier services in Singapore

For those not familiar with the ordering process for courier services in Singapore, this post is just for you.

There are different ways where you can contact a Singapore courier firm and seek for their services. One way is to of course, call them up. It is easy to do so if you already know their number. If you do not, then you can look them these courier companies via the internet. Through simple searches via the search engines, you should be able to identify some good courier companies in Singapore. Alternatively, you can ask around your social circle to introduce you some good courier firms in Singapore.

Calling them may be the quickest method to getting a quotation and confirmation of the courier service from them, given that the line can get through. During busy periods, it may be faster to get quotations and confirmations through emails instead. Yes, the second method that you can contact these courier companies is through email. I can say that almost all the courier companies in Singapore have their own corporate email. Most of them will be actively replying their customers through emails. In fact, the most common communication method used by courier companies in Singapore is email.

Furthermore, you can also use the conventional method of going down to their office and order the courier service face to face with them. However, very few people does this. In fact, what is the point of ordering courier service if you have to travel down to the courier company’s office to make the order. In the first place, you will be very busy to even have the time to make the trip down to deliver the items yourself. Hence, your need for the courier service.

Ordering a courier service is very simple and fast in Singapore. If you call or email a courier company with fast customer service, you can expect your delivery to be confirmed within 15 minutes of your first contact with them.

There are many courier companies in Singapore and you will want to engage the better ones. It will be good for you to consider these factors before you engage a courier company in Singapore.

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Do not think that all logistics companies own the same vehicles

Some people have the wrong perception that all logistics companies own the same vehicles. They do not. Hence, stop thinking that every logistics companies will be able to provide you with the delivery service you require.

Different logistics company owns different fleet of vehicles. Some may own a fleet of vans while others may own a fleet of lorries. Their fleet of vehicle types will determine their service offering. Different types of vehicles will be restricted to transporting different items. If they own small vehicles such as bikes and vans, they will most probably be handling parcel and document deliveries. On the other hand, if they own a fleet of lorries, then they will most probably be handling large cargo logistics. If you want to look for a logistics company to handle your delivery requirements, follow the steps mentioned below.

1. Determine your delivery requirements
Analyze and understand the current situation. You should understand the whole picture and figure out what your delivery requirements really are. Do you require a one-time delivery or regular deliveries? How big are the items to be delivered? Do you have specific deadlines for the deliveries? These are some of the questions you will need to answer yourself.

2. Determine if you can carry out the deliveries yourself
Will the deliveries be simple or complex and can you do the deliveries yourself? If it make senses to outsource the deliveries, then do it.

3. Research about the logistics companies that can fulfill your delivery requirements
This is the hardest and most time-consuming part. You can search for the logistics companies online which can save you a lot of time as compared to the traditional method of looking them up on the yellow pages. Search only for the logistics companies which can fulfill your delivery requirements. Compare their value propositions and finalize the deal with the company that offer the best value proposition.

If you follow these steps in sequence, you will be able to find yourself a logistics company that will take care of your delivery needs. Personally, and recently in 2015, I engaged Regent Courier Service. They were pretty reliable at most times but can be VERY unpredictable on certain days. There are people who have engaged it (myself included) for urgent couriers, yet the person in charge disappeared in the last minute and my delivery was not performed. I went to complain but there was nothing I could do as it was too late for them to dispatch another person. Since 13 January 2016, I started using another company, PCA Masters, instead, and are quite thankful now that my urgent deliveries have always been completed on time. Although they’re slightly more expensive, my deliveries are ALWAYS fulfilled and I’m thankful for that. Check them out here man, here’s my recommendation: PCA Masters — Address: #06-76 Midview City, 22 Sin Ming Dr, Singapore 573969 (Phone: 6681 5781)

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A reputable courier company in Singapore

Very frequently, I get emails and calls asking for recommendations on a reputable courier company in Singapore. For those that want to know how to find a reputable courier company yourself, please read my linked article. Otherwise, if you are time-pressed or lazy to find the courier company yourself, you can consider my recommendations below.

A reputable courier company in Singapore that I greatly recommend is PCA Masters. Though PCA Masters is rather new in the industry as compared to its competitors, it quickly grew in the competitive logistics industry. Both the service quality and price are competitively presented to customers. PCA Masters understood customers requirements better and is able to create and deliver innovative logistics solutions for its customers. If you read PCA Masters’ reviews online, you will get a sense of how much positive feedback the company has been receiving from its customers. The customers love PCA Masters. Of course, its strengths are not limited to its superior value proposition. It has been investing in its marketing efforts as well.

Once, I delivered small boxes with them before. The entire experience was superb and I have been a loyal customer of them ever since. I was looking around for a service provider on the newspaper and found their logistics service advertisement there. After which, I checked out their website which was stated inside the advertisement. The entire sales and fulfillment process seem very efficient. As stated on their website, it was a simple three-step process to input a delivery order with them. Three minutes after I submitted my delivery order, the sales team from PCA Masters emailed me asking to confirm the delivery order. Upon confirmation, I waited just half an hour for the courier to arrive at my place to collect the small boxes from me. They issued me a consignment note which assures me of their accountability. Another one and half hour passed before I receive their email notification of the successful delivery. The entire process was so smooth that I was quite blown away actually.

I have some experiences in the past engaging other couriers companies in Singapore and they did not provide me with a customer service experience as good as PCA Masters. If you would like to engage a courier company in Singapore, PCA Masters will be a fine choice.

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Factors to consider before you engage a courier company

I am sure that most people in Singapore compare the value propositions of various companies before they make purchases. This is part of the reasons why businesses in Singapore are so competitive – they know that consumers will actively compare their products and services with their competitors. Hence, almost all the companies in Singapore try hard to beat one another in terms of quality differentiation or price.

Things are no different when people are looking to engage delivery services from courier companies. Whether you are looking for a courier company to deliver your parcels or documents, there should be a set of standard guidelines or factors that you will consider before making the purchasing decision. Below are the factors that I will consider before I engage a courier company.

1. Reputation
Find out if the reputation of the courier company is good. Nowadays, it is easy to get that piece of information. You can go to the search engines and type in the names of the courier companies one by one. From the search results, you may be able to find reviews of the courier companies’ services. Judge that courier companies’ reputation based on the average online sentiments towards them. As the saying goes, “it is better to learn from the mistakes of others than from your own mistakes”, engaging a courier company with good reputation will greatly reduce the chances of bad experience with them.

2. Pre-sales customer experience
Talk to the sales department of the courier company about your requirements. Closely monitor their response time and attitude during this period. A good courier company will emphasize customer experience throughout their entire business processes. If you find the sales personnel not attentive or polite enough, there is a chance that their delivery operations may not satisfy you as well.

3. Price
Last but not least, it will be prudent to consider the different pricing provided by different courier companies in Singapore. For the same standard of service, it will be better to receive a lower quotation for that. Having said that, the onus is on you to ensure that the service quality is indeed comparable before considering the price factor. I will always recommend considering quality first before price.

I am sure that if you consider these 3 factors carefully, you will be able to find yourself a good courier company! If you are lazy to analyze and search for the right courier company yourself, here’s one courier company I recommend – PCA Masters. Contact them to know about their delivery service quality and prices.

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Items restrictions in the delivery industry

The delivery industry is a huge and broad industry. Everyday, there are thousands of deliveries going on in Singapore. Anything could be delivered from one place to another regardless of its size. However, not all logistics companies will be able to handle all types of delivery items. There are logistics companies which mainly specialize in one or a few types of deliveries.

The common types of delivery items are documents and small parcels. There are no legal nor logistical restrictions to deliver these items. Basically, these items can be delivered by any logistics companies in Singapore if they want to. Commonly delivered to residential addresses and private office addresses, the volume for these deliveries is the greatest among all types of deliveries. If you wish to have a document or parcel delivered in Singapore, you can consider PCA Masters Singapore. They are a courier company in Singapore specializing in documents and parcels deliveries.

Another type of delivery items is temperature-sensitive items such as laboratory items and pharmaceutical items. There is a logistical requirement to fit a special equipment into the delivery van so as to keep the items within a range of temperatures. Some courier companies will be able to take in such orders.

Moreover, there is also the food delivery. Food deliveries are offered by some logistics companies in Singapore such as Food Panda. Usually, the deliveries need to be carried out within a very short span of time (e.g. in 1 hour). Hence, the courier companies will need to possess a large network of couriers to cater to the huge food delivery orders. Most of the time, food deliveries are carried out by bike instead of van.

Lastly, there is the dangerous goods delivery. Singapore authorities require logistics companies offering dangerous goods delivery services to be licensed. Usually, the logistics companies handling dangerous goods delivery use 10-feet, 14-feet and 20-feet trucks.

Next time when you want to engage a logistics company to deliver your item, check if the logistics company is specialized in it.

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Parcel vs Document deliveries in Singapore

For the people (both business and individual consumers) who do not know much about the delivery industry in Singapore, most companies charge different prices for delivering parcels versus documents in Singapore. This is because documents can be delivered by both couriers on bikes as well as couriers driving vans. However, parcels would need to be delivered by van or car drivers.

If you have a lot of business restocking to do or lots of parcels to be delivered for your E-commerce company, van delivery services in Singapore would certainly be something of great value to you. It is too difficult, troublesome and expensive to lease a transport vehicle, hire someone and manage all the deliveries in house. You would definitely be much better off engaging van delivery services instead.

Generally speaking, although van delivery services in Singapore cost more than that for document deliveries, it can be really affordable if you have high volume of deliveries. This is because it would be easier for the courier to streamline your deliveries and plan his route smoothly instead of going out of the way just for your delivery. Most van delivery companies in Singapore offer special rate for companies which require high and regular volume of deliveries per month or provide a discount on the overall delivery fee for the month. You will often find that if you have over 100 deliveries per month, many courier companies in Singapore would offer you prices close to $6 per islandwide delivery! This is ridiculously cheap considering how taking a cab from Bedok to Katong might already cost $10! Therefore, many companies in Singapore simply outsource their internal delivery requirements, as they cannot compete in terms of the economies of scale that these specialized private courier companies have.

Although parcel probably reminds you of a box, keep in mind that anything that doesn’t fall into the category of a document falls into that of a parcel from the courier’s definition point of view. Therefore, even if you have food to deliver and are worried if courier companies are able to help you deliver it, they can! It is just considered under parcel delivery, and usually delivered by a courier driving a van and by a company providing van courier services in Singapore.

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