A reputable courier company in Singapore

Very frequently, I get emails and calls asking for recommendations on a reputable courier company in Singapore. For those that want to know how to find a reputable courier company yourself, please read my linked article. Otherwise, if you are time-pressed or lazy to find the courier company yourself, you can consider my recommendations below.

A reputable courier company in Singapore that I greatly recommend is PCA Masters. Though PCA Masters is rather new in the industry as compared to its competitors, it quickly grew in the competitive logistics industry. Both the service quality and price are competitively presented to customers. PCA Masters understood customers requirements better and is able to create and deliver innovative logistics solutions for its customers. If you read PCA Masters’ reviews online, you will get a sense of how much positive feedback the company has been receiving from its customers. The customers love PCA Masters. Of course, its strengths are not limited to its superior value proposition. It has been investing in its marketing efforts as well.

Once, I delivered small boxes with them before. The entire experience was superb and I have been a loyal customer of them ever since. I was looking around for a service provider on the newspaper and found their logistics service advertisement there. After which, I checked out their website which was stated inside the advertisement. The entire sales and fulfillment process seem very efficient. As stated on their website, it was a simple three-step process to input a delivery order with them. Three minutes after I submitted my delivery order, the sales team from PCA Masters emailed me asking to confirm the delivery order. Upon confirmation, I waited just half an hour for the courier to arrive at my place to collect the small boxes from me. They issued me a consignment note which assures me of their accountability. Another one and half hour passed before I receive their email notification of the successful delivery. The entire process was so smooth that I was quite blown away actually.

I have some experiences in the past engaging other couriers companies in Singapore and they did not provide me with a customer service experience as good as PCA Masters. If you would like to engage a courier company in Singapore, PCA Masters will be a fine choice.

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