Items restrictions in the delivery industry

The delivery industry is a huge and broad industry. Everyday, there are thousands of deliveries going on in Singapore. Anything could be delivered from one place to another regardless of its size. However, not all logistics companies will be able to handle all types of delivery items. There are logistics companies which mainly specialize in one or a few types of deliveries.

The common types of delivery items are documents and small parcels. There are no legal nor logistical restrictions to deliver these items. Basically, these items can be delivered by any logistics companies in Singapore if they want to. Commonly delivered to residential addresses and private office addresses, the volume for these deliveries is the greatest among all types of deliveries. If you wish to have a document or parcel delivered in Singapore, you can consider PCA Masters Singapore. They are a courier company in Singapore specializing in documents and parcels deliveries.

Another type of delivery items is temperature-sensitive items such as laboratory items and pharmaceutical items. There is a logistical requirement to fit a special equipment into the delivery van so as to keep the items within a range of temperatures. Some courier companies will be able to take in such orders.

Moreover, there is also the food delivery. Food deliveries are offered by some logistics companies in Singapore such as Food Panda. Usually, the deliveries need to be carried out within a very short span of time (e.g. in 1 hour). Hence, the courier companies will need to possess a large network of couriers to cater to the huge food delivery orders. Most of the time, food deliveries are carried out by bike instead of van.

Lastly, there is the dangerous goods delivery. Singapore authorities require logistics companies offering dangerous goods delivery services to be licensed. Usually, the logistics companies handling dangerous goods delivery use 10-feet, 14-feet and 20-feet trucks.

Next time when you want to engage a logistics company to deliver your item, check if the logistics company is specialized in it.

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