Singapore E-commerce Deliveries And Logistics Solutions

In all my previous posts, I have been talking about regular corporate deliveries by courier companies. However, something which is becoming rather prevalent in people’s buying behaviors in Singapore – more people purchase things online now. This means that delivery capacity in this area needs to grow to cater to the growing demands. In recent years, low priced, island wide E-commerce deliveries have been popping up and more of such concierge courier services are being offered to E-commerce specific companies in Singapore.

First of all, let us take a look at what E-commerce deliveries entail and then we shall look at the various E-commerce delivery logistics solutions that courier companies in Singapore are offering.

E-commerce companies in Singapore would generally collate the orders either for the week (if their overall volume is low) or for the day (if their volume is high) and send it out either daily or weekly. These E-commerce orders would then be sent out from their office, home-office or warehouse.

As you can possibly tell, for E-commerce companies, their deliveries are generally performed through a one time pick up followed by a mass distribution service. It is quite different from corporate regular courier deliveries in Singapore where the pick up and delivery is one time and usually only for one or perhaps a maximum of 2 items. It is a mass distribution courier service when it comes to E-commerce deliveries. Because it’s a one time pick up and mass distribution, the costs for each delivery is generally slightly lower than that of ad hoc deliveries which corporations usually use.

Not many Singapore courier companies are able to handle such high volumes, and only the top like PCA Masters and Ninja Van and Anchanto are able to receive and distribute such massive orders on a near daily basis. If you’re an E-commerce operations or distribution manager or business owner, working with one of these companies like PCA Masters would definitely be good for your business, because their scale of operations is quite large, and thus even if your sales grow tremendously, they’ll be easily able to take care of your business’s deliveries without any hassles.

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