Should You Work At A Singapore Delivery Company

As the ‘gig’ or ‘non-office job’ economy gets popular and is increasing in size, many people prefer working outside of a corporate office as it can get really boring, or the pay can be very restricted by your boss, regardless of the quality of your performance.

For such people, looking to jobs such as courier deliveries, food deliveries e.t.c. can be an interesting option. Let us discuss about delivery companies today and whether you should work at one of them.

First of all, there are two main types of small item delivery companies in Singapore – food delivery as well as document/office related courier deliveries.

Food delivery companies in Singapore include companies such as Foodpanda, Deliveroo e.t.c. When you work at such a company, you would be picking up food at mostly shopping centres and compiling them (the orders) and then bringing it to the customer at their office or their home. Most often, food deliveries are on an urgent basis, as the customers would want their food to be hot, and hence you need to rush around.

I personally feel that if you wish to work at a food delivery firm in Singapore, then I think you should check out foodpanda Singapore:
#06-17/18, 60 Tg Katong Rd Paya Lebar Square, Singapore 409051
6589 8669

The other type of delivery firm in Singapore is the document/parcel courier services companies. These are firms which specialize in delivering non-food and perishable items (namely documents and office items) on behalf of other businesses. These documents usually need to be delivered anytime during the working day before 6pm, while only some documents such as banking documents may have a tighter delivery schedule as banks close around 3pm to 4pm in Singapore, and you need to get the documents there safely before that timing.

If you prefer a job at a document/parcel courier company in Singapore, then definitely check out PCA Masters:
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